Virtual After School Fun

Via Zoom!
2-Week Rate: $175 | 4-Week Rate: $295
20% Sibling
Mon.-Thurs. Ongoing Weekly
3:00-5:00pm PST

Got Game is proud to offer families everywhere our 2020-2021 Virtual After School Program! Join our incredible staff and online community to make up for valuable lost time with friends on the playground! Work with our innovative team in live, dynamic and interactive virtual rooms like you’ve never seen. Trust us when we tell you, We Speak Kid®!

Register for two weeks at a time, or for a full month! The program is offered 3:00-5:00pm PST Monday thru Thursday! Students receive personalized attention, collaborate and interact with peers, and make NEW friends! Whether you love sports, or arts, or games, theatre, science, cooking, robotics, Oasis or more….we have something for EVERYONE at Got Game and gear our programs for each age group (rookies 4-6, pros 7-9, veterans 10-12)!

Each afternoon starts off with an awesome and unique orientation for students to meet coaches and friends on a more personal level, have some fun, and sets the tone for the rest of the day! Throughout the two hours, campers have the option to choose two classes that are geared toward being more ACTIVE or other choices more geared toward CREATIVE expression. You can’t go wrong either way, as this is a one-of-a-kind experience that they’ll never forget. The two hour session is fast-paced, each day is different and leaves kids wanting more!

When it comes to virtual, it doesn’t get more fun than this. You will NOT want to miss it!! Zoom is the platform, and passwords are provided upon registration! Parents receive a detailed ‘How To’ manual with answers to all technical questions before camp begins, and students (even as young as 4 years old) are completely self-sufficient! This means parents get two hours to yourself each day! 🙂