HP Enrichment Fall 2022

On campus!
$150-$180 per class (depending on day)
After Care participants receive 20% off
September 19 thru December 16
2:45-4:00pm (1:45-3:00pm on Tuesdays)

We are so excited for our Fall 2022 SPECIALTY ENRICHMENT classes! At Hancock Park, we offer one each day Monday thru Friday! Sign up for one day, all five, or anything in-between! These specialty classes focus on an individual sport/game/activity, and give students a chance to look forward to a specific interest each week with friends! Fall 2022 semester:

          MONDAYS (2:45-4pm, Sep 19-Dec 12) – Soccer n’ Sports [NEW!]
Do you love sports and being active? This is the class for you! We introduce students to a variety of traditional sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, flag football and more while teaching sports fundamentals and competing through fun gameplay! 

          TUESDAYS (1:45-3pm, Sep 20-Dec 13) – Playground Masters
This active class focuses on building strong hand eye coordination, increasing gross motor skills development, teaching strategic thinking and teamplay. Students participate in fun playground and PE-types of games each week such as capture the flag, dodgeball variations, kickball, handball and much more! 

          WEDNESDAYS (2:45-4pm, Sep 21-Dec 7) – Lab Coats [NEW!]
In this hands-on class, students build their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills while discovering how things work! Join us for daily experiments and exploring the fundamentals of science! 

          THURSDAYS (2:45-4pm, Sep 22-Dec 15) – Let’s Get Artsy! [NEW!]
Art is one of our greatest forms of expression! Join our Art Studio and explore many different mediums to express yourself! Students learn and work on projects using clay, paints, mosaics and much more!

          Fridays (2:45-4pm, Sep 23-Dec 16) – Basketball
One of the pillar traditional sports, this class focuses specifically on basketball! Drills, skills, league play and appropriate age groups make this class always a fan-favorite! 

Please note, Tuesday and Thursday classes run exactly for 10 weeks, and each cost $180. Wednesday classes run exactly for 10 weeks, and costs $150. Monday and Friday classes run exactly 11 weeks, and each cost $165. The total number of classes account for no-school days/holidays when there is no school! In the event of inclement weather, class MAY be cancelled. If a class is cancelled, a make-up day is provided at a later date! Students must be picked up right at the conclusion of each enrichment, unless they are also enrolled in AFTER CARE (in which case coverage is provided up until 6pm)! 

For families enrolled in AFTER CARE, please email us for a discount code if interested in registering. Please note, all enrichment activities are already offered in AFTER CARE, however the only difference is these enrichment programs are more specialized, offered at a set time each day of the week. Students enrolled in AFTER CARE experience all of these activities (and more) throughout each week/month, in a more random format!

Specialty Enrichment is open to all grades, and students are placed in age-appropriate groups within each class! Minimum enrollment for each class is 12 participants! Grades 1st and below are picked up directly, grades 2-5 report directly. A welcome email is sent upon registering with more details for students and families!