Short Enrichment

On campus!
$225 per class (15 weeks)
After Care participants receive 20% off
January 25 thru May 12
2:45-4:00pm (1:45-3:00pm on Tuesdays)

We are so excited for our winter/spring SPECIALTY ENRICHMENT classes in 2022! At Short Avenue, we offer two class options on Tuesday, and one option Wednesday and Thursday! Sign up for one day, all three, or anything in-between! These specialty classes focus on an individual sport/game/activity, and give students a chance to look forward to a specific, specialized interest each week with friends! Winter/Spring 2022 semester:

          TUESDAYS (1:45-3pm, Jan 25-May 10) – Arty Party  OR  [New!] Soccer & Sports

          WEDNESDAYS (2:45-4pm, Jan 26-May 11) – [New!] Dance

          THURSDAYS (2:45-4pm, Jan 27-May 12) – [New!] Messy Science

Please note, each class runs exactly for 15 weeks, and accounts for no-school days/holidays! In the event of inclement weather, class MAY be cancelled. If a class is cancelled, a make-up day is provided at a later date! Students must be picked up right at the conclusion of each enrichment, unless they are also enrolled in AFTER CARE (in which case coverage is provided up until 6pm)! 

For families enrolled in AFTER CARE, please email us for a discount code if interested in registering. Please note, all enrichment activities are already offered in AFTER CARE, however the only difference is these enrichment programs are more specialized, offered at a set time each day of the week. Students enrolled in AFTER CARE experience all of these activities (and more) throughout each week/month, in a more random format!

Specialty Enrichment is open to all grades, and students are placed in age-appropriate groups within each class! Minimum enrollment for each class is 12 participants! Grades 1st and below are picked up directly, grades 2-5 report directly. A welcome email is sent upon registering with more details for students and families!