Virtual Birthday Parties

Via Zoom!
$210 weekday | $225 weekend
n/a (+ addl. if booking w/in <10 days)
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Flexible, based on availability

 Zoom Birthday Party Games for Kids

Just because it’s quarantine, doesn’t mean you cannot have a special birthday experience with all of your friends and family! Since March 2020, Got Game has been conducting action-packed, 1-hour-long virtual birthday party events with our talented staff leading the way! We customize the game-plan based on your child’s interests, and make the party fun, engaging, exciting with LOTS of laughs, LOTS of friends and a LOT of love!  🙂

Our parties are high-energy and exciting, and don’t worry, WE SPEAK KID® even through a computer screen! 

 We offer lots of fun games, challenges, and excitement! We break the group into two different teams and have a scavenger hunt race, work in some birthday-kid trivia, plus a chance at the end for friends to give special birthday wishes. There are times when the group is all together, and other times in small breakout rooms, but our virtual parties are designed to be very interactive and keeping all of the participants on their toes!

We are flexible in working on any special requests and/or particular interests the birthday child may have, and we keep the group very engaged! So if your child LOVES basketball, or soccer, science or magic or whatever…just let us know! We will make it a special experience for them and all their friends! This is not a “normal” zoom event!

No limit for participants, we can manage small or very large groups! Virtual birthday parties are for ages 5-13!