A Guide to the Best Summer Camps for 4- and 5-Year Olds

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Blog

Looking for the perfect summer adventure for your little one? With 14 million kids heading to camp each year, the choices are endless.

The right choice, however, is vital to ensuring a positive and enriching experience that’ll create lasting memories and valuable skills. For 4- and 5-year-olds, this means a program that offers age-specific activities. It should also promote learning and growth. At the same time, the program needs to engage and entertain the kids happily.

To help you get started, here are some tips for choosing the best Los Angeles summer camps for kids ages 4 and 5.

Look for a Variety of Activities

Children have an incredibly short attention span at the ages of 4 and 5. As such, they can benefit from changing activities frequently to stay engaged. The ideal summer camp in Los Angeles will provide a balanced mix of active play and hands-on creative projects.

This will pique their interest throughout the day.

Look for camps that offer four to six “rotations” where kids can choose how they spend each hour. For example, Got Game Sports has dedicated sports times focused on group games like soccer and basketball. During their creative rotations, campers may delve into arts and crafts, put on silly skits, or conduct wacky science experiments.

Such a variety of summer activities keeps restless little bodies and minds occupied. And the best part is that these challenges are tailored to their age and energy levels. With plenty of options for activities, young children will dash through each rotation, eager for a new adventure.

Ensure Proper Supervision

A key aspect to consider when comparing various types of summer camps is proper supervision. Many parents aren’t comfortable leaving their little ones unless they know they’ll be safe and watched at all times.

At age 4 or 5, an ideal coach-to-camper ratio is around 1 coach per 6 to 8 campers maximum. This level of supervision enables coaches to better interact with each child individually.

Also, look for camps whose staff have child development experience. Specific training for working with young kids is also beneficial.

The coaches at Got Game Sports are often physical education teachers. They have plenty of experience with early childhood education. This ensures that someone reliable is always actively engaging with your child in a safe environment.

When touring camps, ask questions about employee qualifications. This will ease your mind about supervision and give you ample peace of mind before committing your child to any program. Don’t forget to inquire about staff training and safety protocols. 

Focus on Social Growth

A major benefit of camps for young children is that they promote social development. They provide plenty of opportunities for kids to begin building interpersonal skills. They can make new friends, try new activities together, and more.

That said, look for a camp that thoughtfully groups kids by age. Got Game Sports breaks campers into Rookies (ages 4-5), Pros (ages 6-7), Upper Pros (ages 8-10) and Veterans (ages 11-13). This allows young children to meet peers who are similarly developing cognitively and emotionally.

The campers choose daily rotations within their daily rotations. Of course, options are tailored to different interests. For example, sporty children may pick traditional games. Similarly, artistic kids collaborate on creative projects.

Caring coaches provide guidance, fostering a sense of inclusion. The result is young campers organically bond over common interests. Trying novel experiences also boosts their confidence, empowering them to embrace challenges with enthusiasm.

Consider Convenience Factors

You also want to consider convenience factors when evaluating summer camps. Ask about hours of operation and flexibility to align with your summer work schedule. Got Game Sports summer camps run from 9 am to 3:30 pm with early drop-off.

The camp also allows late pick-ups, extending from 8 am to 5 pm at no extra cost. Their first week of camp is prorated for 6 days from June 13th to June 21st, following the LAUSD schedule.

Also, factor in location and whether you’ll hit traffic transporting kids across Los Angeles. Got Game operates popular camps at various elementary schools around the city. Check if the facility is near your neighborhood or work commute to minimize hassle.

Finally, confirm what’s included, from sunscreen and snacks to food offerings. While lunches aren’t provided, Got Game sells grab-and-go snacks and lunch items that busy parents can easily purchase. Considering these convenience components ensures the camp integrates smoothly into your routine and summer plans so your entire family can truly enjoy the sunny season.

Look for Engaging Special Events

At ages 4 and 5, summer campers still embrace a sense of wonder and excitement for anything new or out of the ordinary. Look for summer camps for toddlers that deliver fun surprises. That is sure to ignite their imaginations all season long!

Got Game Sports creates seven weeks packed with themed events and field trips tailored to young ages. The schedule is action-packed with carnivals, color wars, tie-dye days, Space Week, and Party in the USA Week. It culminates with several off-site excursions and field trips!

Past toddler-approved destinations included Sky Zone Trampoline Park, LA Zoo, local beaches, water parks, and movie theaters. Each offers unique experiences that cater to the boundless energy and curiosity of young campers.

These special events transform an ordinary summer into a series of mini adventures to always anticipate. For young children still believing in magic, the delight stirred up throughout summer camp is half the fun. Toddlers carry the magical spirit with them even after the season ends.

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