Benefits of Enrolling Your Child to Got Game’s Thanksgiving Camp in Los Angeles

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Blog

You might remember the knotted nerves and excitement of your first time at camp.

Perhaps your mind was filled with questions: wondering about the friends you’d make, the activities you’d do, and whether you’d miss your parents.

Now it’s your child’s turn to experience that rite of passage. And a fun-packed Los Angeles Thanksgiving Camp is the perfect time to start.

Read on to learn about the benefits of enrolling your child in Got Game’s Thanksgiving Camp in Los Angeles.

There Is a Wide Choice of Activities at a Kids’ Winter Camp

Whatever your child enjoys, you’ll find an activity that fits at Got Game’s Thanksgiving Camp. It’s truly diverse. For active children who love sports, there is a choice of activities like basketball, soccer, and lacrosse.

So, your child will get to play sports they love, plus some they might not have tried before. But there are also lots on offer for the more artistic-focused child, including music, dance, and theatre.

Every child has something that will excite them before they arrive, and you’ll find they face day one of camp with enthusiasm.

Plus, your child will remain highly engaged during the activities, pushing them out of their comfort zones and leaving them with many riveting stories to tell when they return home.

They might also go with some new passions and hobbies.

A Professional and Experienced Team Runs the Camp

When you send your child to a camp, you want to ensure a professional and experienced team runs it.

You won’t face the situation offered at many centers, which rely on seasonal hires who may not have a background working within that age range. Got Game’s professionals include coaches, leaders, and school PE teachers.

Each comes with a wealth of experience in educating children. They help to design activities and programs that are enriching and engaging for kids.

At Got Game,we also offer a stimulating environment that mentor’s kids and gives them a fun environment to enjoy during Thanksgiving.

Your child will return with renewed confidence, advanced skills, and a positive attitude to camp experiences.

Got Game Camps Put Safety First

Safety is paramount for any club and parents. The Got Game camp puts safety at the top of the agenda. So, it goes beyond statutory measures and ensures the children are in the safest environment possible.

That starts with training.

At Got Game, all staff have CRP and first aid certification. So, your child will always be under the supervision of a safety-trained individual.

We also conduct the most rigorous background checks on all our staff, including vaccination status.

On top of that, we conduct team training to help manage safety issues on-site, including handling disputes or emergencies.

This emphasis on safety and supporting our staff with the most current training means your child’s welfare is always put first.

A Thanksgiving Camp for Kids Opens Up a World of Opportunities

Got Game Sports is the perfect place for kids with curious minds who want to explore and experience new things. It’s the ideal antidote to a world of screen time, the stresses of modern life, and indoor pursuits.

It will give your children a chance to expand their horizons. A bookish child may find a newfound love of outdoor pursuits, staying active long after they leave camp. Or a soccer fanatic may discover a passion for dance.

We use trained professionals with experience pushing children outside their comfort zone, allowing your child to have the best opportunity to put themselves in safe but unfamiliar surroundings.

That will help boost their confidence, get them to work with other children as part of a team, and boost essential life skills like creativity.

Perfect Balance of Structure and Flexibility

Kids thrive with structure, but camps also need to offer flexibility and variety. Fortunately, we’ve found the perfect balance between the two.

The center provides a schedule for each day, including a mix of different activities to fit every child’s preference.

But we also recognize the need for unstructured play. So we combine the two. That allows children time to relax, interact with other children, and engage in imaginative play.

It ensures the children are stimulated but also have an opportunity to thrive in a creative space. It’s a nurturing environment where your child will feel free to grow and explore their passions.

Easy to Access

The Got Game’s Thanksgiving camps are dotted around Los Angeles. We make it easy for you to get to, providing a convenient start and finish to your child’s experience.

Our Los Angeles locations include mid-City, West LA, and Woodland Hills, allowing you to choose the one that’s closest to where you live. That’s a bonus for busy parents trying to slot a commute into a hectic workday.

Plus, destinations near home will feel more comfortable and familiar to your child, easing the settling-in period.

They may even find they know other children from local schools and communities when they arrive at the camp.

Help Boost Your Child’s Social Skills

Perhaps the most significant benefit of attending camp is the chance for your child to boost their social skills.

Entering a new environment with unfamiliar faces can be challenging for children, but it’s worthwhile. Got Game’s camping environment is set up to support children as they navigate friendship groups and social skills.

It also gives them the space to make those new connections. It means children leave the camp with lifelong friendships and a new maturity for handling group situations and teamwork.

And since we have an experienced team, we can work with shy children and help them come out of their shells, just as we can support the more extrovert personalities to make the most of these wider friendship groups.

Los Angeles Thanksgiving Camp: Book Your Place Now

A Los Angeles Thanksgiving Camp with Got Game Sports is the perfect place for your child to start their first adventure. With a professional team of qualified staff and a wealth of fun activities, Got Game Sports is the ideal choice.

You can get started now with the booking process by registering here.